Massage Services

Custom Massage

Full body Swedish and/or Deep Tissue combination massage. Fully customized to focus on melting all of your stress away.

Swedish – Utilizes soft, long strokes with light pressure to the most superficial layers to gently release muscle tension, improve circulation, reduce light stress and induce relaxation.

Deep Tissue – Slow deliberate strokes target medium to heavy pressure to the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue with a focus on releasing chronic patterns of muscle tension. It is both therapeutic and corrective and can aid in pain relief (Highly recommended for those with active or tense lifestyles)

30 minutes $59      60 minutes $109      90 minutes $139

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, warm stones are placed strategically over the entire body to allow the penetration of heat into sore, aching muscles. The warmth serves to improve circulation and calm the nervous system.. Hot stones can be both a soothing and relaxing way to decrease tension and ease pain. (Highly suggested for individuals with increased muscle tension and/or pain but prefer a lighter massage.)

90 minutes $159

Outcome based massage specifically directed to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician. Sessions will focus on the areas specific to the diagnosed condition and/or prescription.

30 minutes- $59    60 minutes- $109     90 minutes- $139

Medical Massage *Physician prescription and/or Referral Required

A lymphatic massage consists of very gentle, rhythmic pressure, whispery soft finger strokes or ultra light drumming. Lymphatic massage offers a way to relax and the ability to clear blockages in the lymph system and increase metabolism which allow the body to cleanse naturally and easily. 30 minutes- $69 (Add-On Only)   60 minutes- $119   90 minutes $149

Lymphatic Massage (Specialty)

Massage tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. (Before receiving a massage, pregnant women are advised to speak with their doctor to learn if massage is recommended.)

30 minutes $59     60 minutes $119     90 minutes $149

Prenatal Massage (Specialty)

Postpartum massage is designed to assist the new mother with some of the most prominent concerns including faster recovery, fatigue, and help with balancing hormones as lactation begins.  (New moms are encouraged to check with doctor to learn if massage recommended.)

30 minutes $59      60 minutes $109     90 minutes $139

New Mommy Massage (Postpartum)

The sparkling scent of tangerine works as a natural mood-elevator, restoring feelings of well being. Combined with the soothing relief of Sage, this therapeutic blend of essential oils are incorporated into every sense throughout the custom massage, creating a renewed state of being.

30 minutes $69    60 minutes $119     90 minutes $139

Tangerine and Sage Massage

You and your loved-one will enjoy a full body custom massage, each with your own personal massage therapist while the two of you bask in the serenity of a private room. This makes a great engagement, wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Complete with complimentary Cider and special treat

60 minutes $218      90 minutes $278

Couples Massage

The Mother and Daughter Massage Session is great for mothers, daughters, and other family members and friends looking to spend time together in a serene, relaxed environment.

60 minutes $218       90 minutes $278

Mother and Daughter Massage